Sample Preparation Guideline

 Tube Format

  • Use 1.5ml micro-centrifuge tube or 8-well strip tube (sealed with 8-well strip cap) for DNA template and primer.   

  • DNA template for more than 1 read, please provide individual tube for each read.  


Plate Format 

  • Use 8-well strip tube or 96-well plate. To avoid evaporation or leaking, please use the 8-well strip cap to seal plate.


Standard Sequencing Service (SS)         
   DNA Template and primer in individual tube    

   DNA Template - Primer Pre-mix





Difficult Template Sequencing Service (DS)

Unpurified PCR product:  20 ul PCR reaction

  • Gel extraction sample:  Maximum 300 mg of 1% gel or 150 gm of 2 % gel.

  • Send your specific primer: 10 ul in 10 pmol/ul (10uM) per 10 reads.

  • Template-Primer Premix is not accepted.