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Service includes:

  • Design Materials and Methods

  • Data Generation and Analysis 

      e.g. Gene Expression, Gene Synthesis, Mutation Analysis, Bacterial / Fungal / Viral Identification

Gene Fragment

Low price, double-strand DNA fragments deliver in few working days!

DNA Fragment Size

Delivery Time

Less than 500 bp

5 - 7 working days

501 - 600 bp

6 - 8 working days

601 - 700 bp

701 - 800 bp

801 - 900 bp

901 - 1,000 bp

More than 1,000 bp

On Request

Product provided

  •  0.25 –1ug of lyophilized PCR product.

  •  Blunt-ended double stranded DNA.

  •  Protocol for adding the adenosine (A) overhangs to blunt-ended gene fragments on request.


  • Suitable for gene construction or modification, antibody research, standard in qPCR assay, control for PCR assay and cloning.


  • Please send your gene sequence to 

  • Gene sequence contains of difficult synthesis regions (e.g. high or low GC content, repetitive sequence, homo- polymeric tracts) may be rejected.

Biosafety and regulatory check

  • A biohazard disclosure statement is required.

Gene Synthesis

Service Includes

  • Double strand oligo synthesis

  • Cloning of double strand oligo into vector

  • Oligo sequence is confirmed by Sanger Sequencing or NGS

  • Delivery time: 10 - 30 working days, depending on gene length and complexity

Package Includes

  •  2 - 5 ug purified plasmid

  • Sanger Sequencing or NGS result

NA Extraction
  • High throughput DNA/RNA extraction using chemagic Magnetic Separation Module I (chemagic MSMI) automated nucleic acid isolation system.


  • A Complete solution for preparation of nucleic acids from various sample materials, such as blood, tissue, bacteria, food, plants, etc.


  • The DNA/RNA obtained can be utilized in comprehensive molecular and genomics applications, including PCR, Real-time PCR, Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing, Microarray, SNP genotyping and Pathogen Detection.


Sample Volume


Genomic DNA from whole blood

200 ul

400 samples/day

Viral DNA/RNA from plasma

200 ul

400 samples/day

Genomic DNA from whole blood

4 ml

100 samples/day

Viral DNA/RNA from plasma

2 ml

100 samples/day

Real Time PCR

Service includes​

  • Conversion of Conventional PCR to Real-Time PCR  

  • Copy Number Determination / Gene Expression Profiling  

  • Genotyping / Allelic Discrimination  

Gene Scan

Sizing PCR fragments for...


  • Linkage Mapping

  • Microsatellite analysis

  • Short Tandem Repeat (STR)

  • 16S Microbial Identification Scans (tRFLP)

  • Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP)


Size Standard Provided

GeneScan 400HD - ROX 

GeneScan 500 - ROX    

GeneScan 500 - LIZ 

Fragment size

50 - 400 bp

 35 - 500 bp

35 - 500 bp

Sample dye




Size standard dye




Sample Preparation

  • 5 ul of fluorescent labeled PCR product in 8-well strip PCR tube or 96-well plate sealing with 8-well strip cap.  Please don't use PCR sealing film or foil to seal the plate.  Concentration of products needs to be optimized by the client.

Data Delivery

  • .fsa file will be delivered by e-mail.

Turnaround Time

  • 2 - 4 working days

Custom Service

  • Other fragment sizes and tRFLP products purification are on request.


  • We guarantee to maintain the confidentiality of your data at any time.  Your complete data will be deleted after 30 days and residual samples will be dismissed after 7 days.


  • Minimum order of 20 reactions per batch

  • Size standard will be provided for free

  • Delivery of data is dependent on sample quality provided

  • Full price will be charged for failed samples

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