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Tech Dragon uses a state-of-art high throughput Applied Biosystems 3730xl DNA Analyzer.  The 3730xl DNA Analyzer features an enhanced optical design that provides a higher signal-to-noise ratio and a more uniform signal profile across the array.  Combined with new polymer, the Analyzer enables the longest read length of any available system.  

Premixed (PM) / Standard (SS) Sequencing Service

  • For purified plasmid and purified PCR product

  • Free Standard Primers

  • Data delivery in 1 - 3 working days

  • Two data files: ".ab1" file and ".seq" file

Difficult Template Sequencing Service (DS)

There are some templates/regions that are difficult to sequence when using the standard sequencing protocol.  These difficult templates form secondary structures that cause unsatisfactory sequencing results. The problem cannot be solved even when DMSO is added to the sequencing reaction mix.  Difficult templates include:

GC rich region                          - >60 - 65% GC content

Repeats                                     - di- and tri- nucleotide repeats

Hairpin structures                     - shRNA

Long homopolymer stretches - Poly A/T region

Tech Dragon employs different protocols with field proven sequencing enhancers to sequence these difficult templates. With plasmid DNA or PCR product, we will perform sequencing using our proprietary protocols.

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