Tech Dragon Limited is a Hong Kong based company founded in 1999.  We are a commercial laboratory that provides genomic services, contract research and consultancy.


Tech Dragon serves academic institutions, government departments, research institutions, as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Hong Kong and worldwide.  The products and services we offer include DNA sequencing, oligo synthesis, genomic services and consumables related to molecular biology research. 


We pledge to deliver the highest standard of genomic services and products for our community.

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Room 808, Topsail Plaza, 11 On Sum Street, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

Tel : (852) 2646 5368      Fax : (852) 2646 5037

Email : info@techdragon.com.hk



香港 沙田 安心街11號 華順廣場 8 樓 808 室

電話: (852) 2646 5368     傳真: (852) 2646 5037

電郵: info@techdragon.com.hk


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